Children’s Ministry

A ministry that delivers the word of God to our children on diverse levels

Youth Bible Class

A ministry that builds a generation of youth in biblical principles, spiritual formation and interactive learning of God’s word for ages 6 – 13.

Talitha Cumi Ministry

A ministry that builds a support system that will enrich young girls’ lives through mentoring and discipleship, aiding their transition from teenager to young adult for ages 10-17.

Women’s Ministry

A ministry that empowers and equips women to become a virtuous and enchanting woman of God

Men’s Ministry

A ministry that empowers and equips men to take their God ordained place in the family and life

Helps Ministry

A ministry that ministers to the needs of our seniors

Greeters’ and Ushers’ Ministry

A ministry that embodies the love of Christ as they greet and welcome those upon entering the services as well as maintain the order of the service

Music Ministry

A ministry that leads the worship services in songs, praise and worship; rehearsal immediately following morning worship

Service Ministry

A ministry that assists in the baptism of new converts and prepares the essentials for the communion service

Media Ministry

A ministry that captures the worship services on a variety of media types sharing the gospel with many